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Nov 24 2023

2023 Annual General Meeting

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We would like to announce that the 2023 Annual General Meeting for the Centennial Little League Baseball Association will be held on Tuesday September 26th, 2023 beginning at 6:00PM.  We will be holding this year's AGM at the Livingston Hub (1248 Livingston Way NE).


We would kindly ask that you RSVP to our Secretary if you are interested in attending this year's AGM by email at no later than 6:00PM on Sunday September 24, 2023.  This will allow us to circulate all of the relevant AGM information in advance of the meeting.


As per Article 5, Section 2 of the Centennial Little League Baseball Association Bylaws - we would like to announce that the following Executive and Key Volunteer Positions are open for nominations for the upcoming 12 Month period commencing in September 2023. Any and all nominations (or expressions of interest) must be submitted to the President via email ( no later than 8:00PM Monday September 25, 2023.  As per our bylaws there will be no nominations accepted from the floor.  Any interest expressed from the floor will be covered in our first Board Meeting after the AGM.  All Executive and Key Volunteer positions are listed below with the indication if there is an incumbent interested in running for the position again this year.

  • Executive Positions
    • President (Incumbent)
    • Executive Vice President
    • Treasurer (Incumbent)
    • Vice President of Girls Baseball (Incumbent)
    • Equipment Manager (Incumbent)
    • Secretary (Incumbent)
    • Player Agent (Incumbent)
    • Registrar (Incumbent)
    • Safety Coordinator (Incumbent)
    • Umpire in Chief (Incumbent)
  • Key Volunteer Positions
    • Casino and Fundraising Coordinator
    • Marketing and Media Manager
    • Volunteer Coordinator
    • Photo Day Coordinator
    • Division Coordinators
      • T-ball Coordinator
      • Rookie Ball Coordinator
      • Minors/American Coordinator
      • Majors/Nationals Coordinator
    • Assistant Umpire Scheduler
    • Grants Coordinator

In order for our Association to operate at its most effective level - we would require all of these positions to be filled for the 2024 Season.  If you are interested - please let our President know prior to the AGM.


Why do we hold an Annual General Meeting?


An Annual General Meeting (AGM) serves several crucial purposes within Centennial Little League Baseball Association:


1. Transparency and Accountability: Our AGM provides a platform for the leadership to present financial reports, performance updates, and future plans to the organization's members or shareholders. This transparency ensures that stakeholders are informed about the Association's activities.


2. Decision-Making:  Important decisions such as the election of board members or approval of financial budgets take place at our AGM. It allows members to have a say in the governance and direction of the organization.


3. Legal Compliance: In Alberta it's a legal requirement for Centennial LIttle League to hold an  AGM. Failure to do so can result in legal penalties or loss of Alberta Not for Profit status.


4. Communication: Our AGM serves as a platform for open communication between leadership and members, allowing for questions, concerns, and feedback to be addressed.


5. Community Building: Our AGM fosters a sense of community and belonging among members, shareholders, or stakeholders. It provides an opportunity for networking, sharing ideas, and building relationships.


6. Strategic Planning:  AGMs often include discussions about the organization's strategic direction and long-term goals. It's a chance to align members' expectations with the organization's vision.


7. Compliance with Bylaws: As with most Organizations, Centennial has bylaws or governing documents that specify the frequency and procedures for our AGM. Holding our AGM ensures compliance with these internal regulations.  Part of that compliance is to ensure we meet the proper Quorum requirements for our AGM - which requires a minimum of 5 non-Board Member members to attend the AGM.


8. Financial Oversight:  Our AGM allows our members to receive an update on our financial status and approve our budget for the following year, ensuring that funds are managed responsibly.


In summary, our Annual General Meeting is a fundamental event that promotes transparency, democracy, accountability, and engagement within our Association.  Additionally, it is extremely important that all parents be involved and we appreciate your input so that we can support all our kids and grow our program!


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