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Centennial Little League History

In 1954 the first Calgary Little League (American Little League - North Calgary) was formed.  In 1958 American Little League - North Calgary was split in to 3 different Associations (A, B and C).  Centennial Little League was originally founded in 1958 as American Little League "Division B" as an officially chartered Little League Association.  This makes CLL one of the oldest Little League Associations in Canada.  In 1966 our name was changed to Calgary American B Little League, and then in 1967 it was finally changed to Centennial Little League, as we know and love it today! 

For over 60 years, Centennial Little League has provided high quality baseball for kids.  That is truly an amazing accomplishment - thousands upon thousands of kids have learned about baseball, and life, in our association.  

In October 2021, Little League International approved an Amalgamation with Sunridge Little League which created the largest Association in District 3.  Sunridge Little League was originally founded in 1986.


We have moved our online history project to the Photo Albums on our website for easier access.  We are working towards increasing our historical photographic database.  If you can help in anyway, please contact our President to make arrangements to provide photos!


Historical Highlights

1954 - American Little League created in North Calgary

1958 - American Little League was split into 3 leagues - A,B and C.  American Little League “Division B” would become Centennial Little League in 1968).

1966 - Name Changed to Calgary American B LL

1967 -  American “B” changed their name to Centennial Little League

1968 - Operated  with Regal Little League to form a Senior Team for the first time.

1986 - Incorporation with the Province of Alberta as a Non-Profit

1994 - Won Senior Canadians, Went to Little League World Series in the Seniors Division (In Kissimee Florida)

2003 - Won Senior Canadians, went to Little League World Series in the Seniors Division (In Bangor, Maine)

2012 - Won Junior Canadians, went to the Little League World Series in the Juniors Division (In Taylor, Michigan)

2021 - Amalgamated with Sunridge Little League, Continued to operate as Centennial Little League.

All-Star Teams of Honour

Year Division Accolade Other Notes
1984 Seniors Canadian Champions Participated in the Seniors Little League World Series
1987 Majors District Finalist Participated in Prairie Championships
1993 Majors City Champions  
1994 Seniors Canadian Champions Participated in the Little League World Series
1995 Majors (AA) Provincial Champions  
1996 Majors District 3 Champions  
Seniors District 3 Champions Prairie Finalists
1997 Juniors District 3 Champions Prairie Finalists
Majors (AA) District 3 Champions  
1998 Majors (AA) District 3 Champions Prairie Semi-Finalists
Girls Softball AAA Provincial Bronze Medalists  
1999 Girls Softball AAA Prairie Champions  
2000 Girls Softball Majors   Canadian Finals Host Team
2001 Girls Softball Majors Prairie Champions Canadian Finalists
Seniors District 3 Champions  
2002 Girls Softball Juniors Prairie Champions  
2003 Seniors Canadian Champions Participated in the Little League World Series
2011 Juniors Prairie Champions  
2012 Juniors Canadian Champions Participated in the Little League World Series
2019 Minors A ("Suntennial") Prairie Finalists


2021 Majors A Provincial Champions  
2021 Seniors Provincial Champions


Association's Presidents List

1958  Mr. J.R. Dobson

1959  Mr. B. Griese

1960 - 1962 Mr. J.A. Runnett

1963 - 1964 Mr. W.J. Phythian

1965 - 1966 Mr. Hugh E. Helmer

1967 - 1968 Mr. W.B. Mitchell

1969 - 1970 Mr. Robert M. Renyk

1971 - 1972 Mr. Ernest Watson

1973 - 1976 Mr. William S. Kot

1977 - 1980 Mr. John S. Kelly

1981 - 1983 Mr. Ken Statham

1984 - 1987 Mr. Rod Jarvis 

1988 - 1989  Mr. Donald Winchester

1990 - 1991 Mr. Barry Wilkin

1992 - 1995 Mr. Denis Wren

1996 - 1998 Mr. John Forrester

1999 - 2000 Mr. Alan Hill

2001 - 2003 Mrs. Shelley Stevenson

2004 - 2006 Mr. Ralph Giordano

2007 - 2008 Mr. Jim Cowitz

2009  Mr. Monty Kuntz

2010  Mr. Shawn Callaghan

2011  Mr. Ian Gent

2012 - 2014 Mr. Eric Carpendale

2015 - 2016 Mr. Jim Kropp

2017 - 2019 Mr. Chris Bentley

2020 - 2021 Mr. Sacha Kiefer

2022 - Current  Mr. Shawn Botterill

Sunridge Little League

Prior to the 2022 Season, Centennial Little League and Sunridge Little League amalgamated.  Sunridge Little League was founded in 1986.


Sunridge Little League President's List

1986-1987 Mr. Samuel Koch

1988-1992 - Mr. Jack Belden

1993-1994 Mr. Terry Fukami

1995-1996 Mr. Eugene Peters

1997-2001 Mr. Bill Smith

2002-2004 Mr. Shaun Guest

2005-2016 Mr. Adam Smith

2017-2021 Ms. Crystal Wyatt

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