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2023 Spring Season Registration Opens December 1st!!

 If you have any questions please Email the Registrar

Please Note The Following for 2023 Season:

Division Little League Age Group** Registration Closing Date Registration Link Evaluations Date(s) Season Dates
T-Ball 4 to 6 Years April 15, 2023 T-Ball Registration N/A May 1 to June 30
Rookie Ball 7 to 8 Years April 15, 2023 Rookie Ball Registration N/A May 1 to June 30
American League / Minors 9 to 10 Years March 15, 2023 American League / Minors Registration Mid-March April 15 to June 30
National League 11 to 12 Years March 15, 2023 National League Registration Mid-March April 15 to June 30
Majors 11 to 12 Years February 1, 2023 Majors Registration Mid-February Mid Feb to June 30
Intermediate*** 13 Years n/a   n/a April 15 to June 30
Juniors 13 to 14 Years March 10, 2023 Juniors Registration Mid-February April 15 to June 30
Juniors AAA 13 to 14 Years February 1, 2023 Juniors AAA Evaluations Registration Early February February to August Long Weekend
Seniors 15 to 16 Years March 10, 2023 Seniors Registration Mid-March April 15 to June 30
Seniors AAA 15 to 16 Years February 1, 2023 Seniors AAA Evaluations Registration Early February February to August Long Weekend

Certain division may close prior to the above dates if they fill up - So register TODAY!

**NOTE - Little League Age Brackets are determined by the Little League Age Chart Below!
*** The Intermediate Division is at the discretion of Centennial Little League to form based upon Registration Numbers and Skill Level of the 13 year old age bracket.


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What do you need to register?

  1. Ensure you are within the Centennial Little League boundary.
    • Junior AAA / Senior AAA Exempted from these boundaries - Must live within District 3 Boundaries
  2. Proof of Primary Residence may be required to comply with Little League Residency Rules
  3. Proof of Age is required. ie birth certificate
  4. Make sure you know what Volunteer Jobs you will be signing up for - Check out our Volunteer Information Page for more details.
  5. Third child (in the same family) is FREE! Please contact our Registrar in advance so we can provide you Promo Codes to Register your Free kids!
  6. Financial assistance can be provided through either KidSport Calgary or Canadian Tire Jumpstart - Please contact our Registrar in advance to facilitate these registrations.
  7. NOTE - Special requests cannot be accommodated for Minors Division and Above.

IMPORTANT: Parents and Guardians of first year registrants are required to participate in the Respect In Sport program.

NOTE: If you previously had registered with Sunridge Little League in years past, please email our Registrar about the Judy Smith Memorial Fund prior to registering.


What Division do I register my athlete for?

Review the chart below to identify your athletes League Age


Division and Registration Fee:


Early Bird

December 1 to January 5th 


January 6 to Registration Close Date Above

(League Age 4-6)



Rookie Ball 
(League age 7-8)



American League and Minors
(League age 9-10)



National League
(League age 11-12)
$165.00 $190.00
(League age 11-12)


+ Majors Indoor Training Fee ($300) to be invoiced upon making the team


+ Majors Indoor Training Fee ($300) to be invoiced upon making the team

(League age 13-14)



(League age 15-16)



AAA Travel Teams

Junior  AAA Division Travel Team
(League age 13-14)

Evaluation Fee - $75

Team Fee - $1400 to be invoiced upon making the team

Senior AAA Division Travel Team
(League Age 15-16)

Evaluation Fee - $75

Team Fee - $1400 to be invoiced upon making the team


Calgary North Baseball League (age 17-18) is now run by Alberta Baseball.
If you're looking to register, please visit:

*Note that the Junior and Senior Little League Alberta AAA Division Travel Teams are competitive based travel teams.  Travel costs are not part of your registration fees and are your own responsibility.  See below for additional details.  We are still finalizing costs for this new program.  You will need to pay the standard registration rate for the division, and should you evaluate and make the team you will be charged the final amount at that time.  There may be players from outside of the Centennial Little League borders to make up these teams.

Other Optional Fees:

  • 50/50 Fundraising Opt Out Fee - $100
  • Volunteering Opt Out Fee - $150 

#GIRLSWITHGAME Initiative / All-Girls Team Options 

For the 2022 Season Centennial Little League looked to expand Little Leagues #GIRLSWITHGAME initiative even further.  We saw over 75% growth in the number of girls playing baseball for the 2022 season.  Some of that success can be attributed to offering an "opt-in" all girls team option in T-ball, Rookie Ball and Minors.  So if you are registering a female player in those divisions, please let us know via the registration questions if you would like to opt in to an all-girls team.  

We will also be holding a #GIRLSWITHGAME Engagement evening for parents of girls all ages.  We will present information and goals on the program, and we want your feedback on how we can also support girls in baseball better!  There will be a myriad of topics to discuss and we want and need your help!  Watch our Social Media for more details in mid February regarding this engagement process.

And lastly, we are looking at holding a #GIRLSWITHGAME clinic in May.  If you are interested in helping us plan this, please email our Vice President of Girls Baseball


What is the difference between Minors/American League?

If you have kids in the Minors/American League age group (9 and 10 Year Old on the Little League Age Chart) your player will be assigned to one of the 2 divisions for that age group.  The differences between the 2 divisions is the skill set where players are beginning from. The Minors division will be playing against higher level of competition from across the Little League Alberta District 3 (North Calgary), and may play some exhibition games against other associations outside of those boundaries as well. Depending on registration numbers and skill levels we may form up to 2 teams at this level.  The American League teams will make up their own internal division only with Centennial Little League teams and play on our home diamonds.

What is the difference between Majors/National League? (NEW FOR 2023)

If you have kids in the Majors/National League age group (11 and 12 Year Olds on the Little League Age Chart) you will have the option to designate where you would like your player to evaluate at initially. (MORE BELOW)

The Majors Division is a higher level of competition between teams within the Little League Alberta District 3 (North Calgary) and may play some exhibition games against other associations outside of those boundaries as well.  Depending on registration numbers and skill levels we may form up to 2 teams at this level. Additionally there are discussions at the District level to tier this offering based upon skill.  PLEASE NOTE - Registration for the MAJORS Division will close early in February and Evaluations will take place in Early to Mid-February.  The reason for this is that these teams will begin practicing indoors during February until later April.  Should your player make one of our Majors team, you will be invoiced an additional Indoor Training Fee (amount noted above) to cover these costs. Should your player NOT make one of the Majors teams, they will be moved into the National League for an additional Evalutation and Team Placement.

The National League Division is a division for our 11 and 12 year olds who do not make it on to a Majors Team.  In 2022 we had this division play games against other National League teams from neighbouring Associations - and we believe this will occur again for the 2023 season.  The players in the National League will evaluate in Mid-March and will be assigned to a team to begin practicing outdoors beginning in Mid-April.

When you go to Register your 11 and 12 year olds - you will need to choose either the MAJORS or NATIONAL LEAGUE option.  IF your choose Majors for your child/children - and they do not succesfully make one of our Majors Teams, then they will automatically be moved to the National League.



Respect In Sport

Centennial Little League is proud to offer parents and coaches the Respect in Sport Program!

Each player will be required to have one parent/guardian complete the Parent Program and each head coach/team will be required to complete the Coaching Leader Program. 

Link to the parent program is here:

Parents/Guardians will also have to sign the Sport Parent Conduct during the Registration Process

IMPORTANT: Required courses must be completed BEFORE the season begins or teams/players may not be permitted to play.


Financial Assistance

If you are going to apply to either of the 2 Financial Assistance programs below, please email our Registrar in advance to ensure the proper process is followed so we can ensure that you get properly registered!  These Financial Assistance Programs will pay your fees directly to Centennial Little League - they will not reimburse you.

Each of the following programs require applications to be submitted and approved prior to the month of March for that years season.
EXAMPLE: for the 2023 season, applications must be submitted and approved prior to March 2023.


   If you apply for KidSport Financial Assistance you automatically get access to the Calgary Flames Sports Bank for any equipment you may need to borrow for the season!



Refund Policy

Refunds will not be issued once registration has closed.  All refunds are subject to a $20 Administrative Fee.