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As a volunteer focused organization, Centennial Little League relies heavily on all of its members to ensure a successful baseball season for all our children.  As such we have implemented a few changes to our volunteering system to ensure we aren't leaning too heavily on our most generous members.

We have established a points system for the volunteer work around the league, and we will require a volunteer to complete credits for each player (up to a Family Maximum), based upon division of play.  You are solely responsible to ensure you secure enough points during the season to meet your requirements.

T-Ball - 8 Points

Rookie Ball - 10 Points

Minors and Above Divisions - 12 Points

Family Maximum Requirement (more than 1 child registered) - 15 Points

During the registration process you will see the options below that you may select for volunteering.  You will also sign a waiver indicating that should you not complete your required volunteering that Centennial Little League will reserve the right to charge your account a fee not to exceed the Volunteer Opt Out Fee amount ($150).  This fee will have to be paid before any future registrations will be allowed.  Historically we have charged each family a Volunteer Fee deposit and refunded that amount at the conclusion of the season should you "meet" your volunteering requirements.  This process was both costly (from a Credit Card processing perspective) and administratively tedious.  Especially since the vast majority of families volunteer and help out!  For these reasons we wanted to Pilot the above mentioned points system to see if it is a better process.

Baseball Team Level Volunteer Positions:


(12 Points)

As your role of Head Coach you are responsible for the Operations of the Team. Your key responsibilities include Planning and organizing all practices and games. Ensuring that all team players are being trained/coached in baseball skill as well as an understanding of baseball systems and team play appropriate to the level of the players.  Assigning parent volunteers to cover all the specific roles to support you and the assistants and the players throughout the season.  You will be required to submit a coach registration via the Registration software.

Assistant Coach

(12 Points)

Your key responsibilities are to assist the Head Coach in the training, coaching and development of the players. To support the Head Coaches decisions on player development and positions in games. You will be required  to submit a coach registration via the Registration software.

Team Manager

(12 Points)

As Team Manager your main responsibility is the administrational aspects of the Team. This includes but not limited to Parent / Coach Liaison, Organization of all Team functions, ensuring parent volunteers are in place for all games and practices. To support coaches with any communication to the team.  You are also responsible to ensure the reporting of the score and pitch counts to the Division coordinator as well as the Head Coach.
First Aid Parent
(5 Points)
As the First Aid Parent, it will be your responsibility to be available for games and practices in case a First aid emergency arises. You will be required to hold and provide First Aid Certification to hold this position.

Jersey Parent     

(5 Points)

The Jersey parent will collect all the Jerseys at the conclusion of the season.  Ensure they are all washed and dried. Also make sure they are all hung on individual hangers and numerically ordered before returning to the coach to return with the team equipment.  You are also responsible to inspect that all Jerseys are in good repair and report any necessary repairs.

Equipment Parent

(1 Point/Game)

Your key responsibilities are to ensure the team Equipment is in proper working condition both before and after the game.  You will also walk the baseball diamond before the game and ensure that everything is in order and the facility is safe.  You will report any concerns to the Team Manager/Head Coach for them to report.  You will also make sure that the First Aid kit is in order, paying special attention to the Chemical Ice Packs.

Score Keeping

(2 pts/Game)

As a Score Keeper you must be able to properly record outs, hits, runners on base, runs scored. You are also responsible that the players remain in the proper batting order.  Other responsibilities include, recording player subs, the other teams subs and runs scored.  This position requires you to attend all games or ensure that a replacement for you is at the game that also has a knowledge of score keeping. 

American League/Minors and Above

Pitch Count

(2 pts/Game)

As a Pitch Counter you are responsible to accurately track ever single pitch thrown from your team as well as the opponents team. Record those pitch counts on paper and report them to the Team Manager or Head Coach.

American League/Minors and Above

Umpire Advocate

(2 pts/Game)

As the Umpire Advocate you are responsible to identify yourself to the umpire every game. You must be present at the pre game plate meetings as well as any meetings that take place between any coaching staff and umpire.  You are responsible to ensure that the Umpire is being treated fairly and with respect. You will support the umpire in any and all decisions made in game.

American League/Minors and Above

Diamond Prep

(2 pts/Game)

As the person responsible for Diamond Prep you will need to be available for all games and practices in advance of any start times. Diamond prep includes raking of the entire diamond, painting foul lines and batters boxes, filling in holes as required. Your responsibilities also include reporting to the CLL Equipment manager any issues/repairs needed for the diamonds. Any issues / repairs for the diamond prep equipment and any supplies that need to be reordered prior to them running out.

Practice/Game Helper

(2 pts/Event)

You will assist the coach as needed, either on the field or on the bench.

T-Ball and Rookie Ball Only

League Volunteer Positions:

Assistant Equipment Manager

(12 Points)

You are responsible to support / assist the CLL Equipment manager in preparation of pre season and post season equipment pick up and drop off. These responsibilities include ensuring that the exact equipment being handed out and in is properly documented and signed off. Any missing equipment is documented and signed off.  The organization and preparation of the equipment as needed as well as the transportation to and from the equipment lock up as required.

Fundraising and Casino Coordinator

(12 Points)

As the Fundraising and Casino Coordinator you are responsible to ensure that each and every Casino position is filled by volunteers. Communication to and from the Casino / Volunteers / CLL Board Members.  Be familiar with all the positions needed by the Casino as well as coordinate any issues that arise from no show volunteers.   Additionally you will be responsible to run all Raffles.

Maximum 1 volunteer

Casino Volunteer 

(8 Points per Shift)

You will work a shift during our bi-annual casino.  Job specifications and shifts to be determined.  At the moment these volunteers are required to be over 18 years of age and fully vaccinated as per the Casino.  Maximum 35 volunteers. 

Casino Day Shift runs from 11AM - 7:30PM

Evening Shift runs from 6:45PM - 3:30AM

Night Shift runs from 11:15PM to 3:30AM. 

There are various positions to fill on each shift, and will be managed by the Casino Coordinator.

Picture Day Coordinator

(12 Points)

You are responsible to ensure that on the day of pictures you have enough support staff to handle to check in of all Teams, handing out of all hats to every team member.  You are also responsible to coordinate / communicate with the CLL Board regarding any issues that arise. 

Maximum 1 Volunteer.

Picture day Volunteer

(5 pts/shift)

You will assist the Photo Coordinator during the Photo Day.  exact Job Description to be determined. 

Maximum 10.

Division Coordinators

(12 Points)

You will assist in running your respective division - assisting with scheduling, scores, re-scheduling, etc.. as needed in each division.  You will report and work with the Player Agent. 

Maximum 1 Coordinator per Division.

Field Maintenance Crew

(12 Points)

You will assist in maintaining all the baseball diamonds on a scheduled basis.  Reporting to the Equipment Manager.  Requires a current Drivers License.

Board Member / Key Volunteer

(12 Points)

You want to be a Board Member or Key Volunteer (see Organization chart in League ByLaws) for available Positions. 

Email the President to express interest.

 You do have the option to Opt out of Volunteering - should you choose this option you will be charged a $200 Opt Out Fee to be paid on your registration for this season.